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Very First Post (from Iceland!)

I’ve been dragging my feet to start posting on this blog, but here it goes. Being in Iceland is that convincing push – no, more like shove – to write about the places I get to visit.

So, hello from Iceland! 🙂

I am only here for three nights before continuing to London, and I am quite charmed by this place already. I am traveling with my cousin for this leg, and soon after we checked in at our hotel, we booked a trip to the Blue Lagoon. It’s a geothermal spa with the lagoon holding six million liters of water, with two-thirds of it being saltwater and a third freshwater. The water temperature ranged from about 98 degrees to just over 100 degrees F. The facilities and locker rooms are quite nice and sanitary, but let me just say that I was still shocked by how comfortable Europeans are with their bodies. Yes, I was the Asian prude with rental robe on at all times, who only used the shower stalls with the doors.

Floating around with my face heavily masked with the signature silica mud stuff staring blankly at the sky is nothing short of spectacular. And then I snap out of it as I hear people chatting with each other in many different languages. It’s like music to me — the different accents, distinct intonations and stressed syllables. I have always been so fascinated by languages, and there is no better place to eavesdrop on people’s conversations than in a lava field full of steamy water.

Getting out of the water was another story. My toes were frozen by the time I hit the showers to rinse off.  I had not realized I was starving until then, so we picked up a sandwich with salmon and slices of hard-boiled eggs at the cafe. I also grabbed a bottle of sparkling strawberry wine imported all the way from Chile. Everything here is expensive, so I was prepared to pay a small fortune for that little meal.

We then caught the 6pm bus back to the city, and we got dropped off right in front of our hotel. If you do find yourself in Iceland, do not miss this incredible experience. It’s a great way to relieve the stiff neck and aching muscles after an overnight plane ride. Relax, get mesmerized, and slap some mud on your face … like I did!

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