Victoria, BC: Six Years Ago and Now

These past few weeks have been such a roller coaster. I have neglected writing on this blog for some time even if I have so many ideas in my head that I would love get out there. Right now, all I can think of sharing is the special weekend trip my husband and I made to the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia a couple of weekends ago. We were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. We figured that going back to the place where we went for our short and sweet honeymoon is just what we need.

Victoria is your quintessential tourist destination boasting its history and British-influenced culture set against the beauty of nature. Though it is the capital city of British Columbia, it’s rather small, which makes it walk-friendly. When my then new husband and I visited six years ago, we took our car aboard the Washington State Ferry. We had the freedom to drive to farther attractions like the marvelous Butchart Gardens. This time around, we hopped on the Victoria Clipper from downtown Seattle, which is a passenger only vessel. We explored the city on foot and enjoyed every bit of it.

Here are a few photos from both visits. You can totally tell which ones are from six years ago from the most recent ones. 😉

newlyweds at the Butchart Garden looking towards the Sunken Garden

newlyweds at the Butchart Garden looking towards the Sunken Garden

with the colorful orca sculpture at the waterfront walk

August 7, 2006: I was compelled to have a photo with this colorful orca sculpture along the waterfront walkway

August 4, 2012: I was compelled to reenact that pose with that same sculpture. 🙂

We’ve always loved going to parks, and six years ago, we briefly visited Beacon Hill Park. It was already getting dark so we didn’t explore much of it. I made sure we went back to that park during the day. It reminded me a bit of NYC’s Central Park. It’s 200 acres right in the city of Victoria with. It has a lake, ponds, and fountains and even a petting zoo.

August 8, 2006: Stuart and I posing by one of the ponds. Look how tiny we were! 😀

August 5, 2012: Back at Beacon Hill Park on the very day of our anniversary. Happy 6 years to us!

I promise to post more about Victoria before the month ends. It’s a charming place perfect for a weekend trip with someone you love. XOXO

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Girl Time at Green Lake Park

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle is to walk around Green Lake. A freshwater lake located in the north central Seattle, the park around it is a popular place with Seattleites. This summer, my girl friends and I made an agreement to do walking dates around the lake. We stayed true to this pact, and we have gone a few times since.

On our most recent walking date, I decided to bring my camera because I wanted to get a few shots to help illustrate why my friends and I enjoy our 2.8-mile walk around the lake.

Our conversations are frequently put on pause due to the number of adorable dogs that we encounter along the way. We point and “ooh” and “aah” at a lot of them, and sometimes, their masters would even let us pet their furry friends.

Lovely tree-lined walking trail perfect for a nice leisurely stroll with your friends and many of them four-legged pals!

But seriously, who wouldn’t want to hang out with these fun-loving ladies?

Steph and Laura exuding energy and excitement at the parking lot

Some hula-hoop action before we started our walk about.


Shaking what our mommas gave us.
L-R: Steph, yours truly, Vicki, and Laura

The flora and fauna in this area is surprisingly diverse considering its central location and not that far from the bustle of downtown Seattle. While we didn’t see any this time, there are turtles that hang out on logs around the lily pads. I think they weren’t there because it was getting dark.

A group of ducks parading in an organized fashion.

Motorized water sports are banned from the lake, so no noisy dinghies can disrupt our juicy gossip sessions. Pedal boats, canoes, and kayaks are available for rent as well as boards for paddle surfing.

Paddling her way around the lake, this lady had a great view from the water.

And you can’t go wrong with watching the amazing summer sunsets here. As we ambled on, the sky’s magical display as our background didn’t fail to lift our spirits after a full day at work.

A lot people come to fish here; I still don’t know what kind of fish they catch (if any).

Pure magic happening in the sky.

A local favorite, Green Lake is a great place for unwinding. While the trail gets really crowded as the weather gets nicer, there is also plenty of green space for a picnic or simply for people watching … or both! My girl friends and I had a blast as usual, and even better, we ended our date on a sweet note with cupcakes at nearby Cake Envy!

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